Nokona Baseball Glove Review

Nokona Baseball Glove Review

Nokona Baseball Glove Review

Are you thinking of buying your son or daughter a new Baseball or Softball glove? Maybe you're looking to get a new ball glove for yourself. Before you buy you need to look at the Nokona line of Baseball and Softball gloves. Nokona is the only true 100% AMERICAN MADE baseball/softball glove company!! Some companies produce part of their inventory domestically but most of their gloves are made in Asia. Nokaona Athletic Goods mass produces baseball and softball gloves completely in the USA.

Nokona Athletic Goods is a small company with approximately 90 emloyees, located nearly 90 miles northwest of Dallas in the small town of Nacona, Texas with a population of about 3200 people. For 80 years Nocona Athletic Goods Company has been in integral part of the town. Nokona Gloves-the brand name is spelled with a "k" because, according to company lore, trade marking the name of a town was not permitted-can be tough to find in box sporting goods chains. Nokona gloves, some made from from pliable kangaroo or buffalo hide, have found a home at specialty baseball/softball glove stores. The Nokona factory will make about 75,000 handmade gloves in 2008. This is a small percentage of the nearly 5.1 million baseball and softball gloves produced in 2007 by all of the companies combined.

Nakonas handmade gloves are like no others! The Nokona baseball/softball gloves are made from a long line of soft yet durable premium top grain leathers. Nakonas wide selection of baseball/softball gloves include:

Infield gloves

Outfield gloves

Catchers gloves

First base gloves

These gloves include Softball gloves, Youth baseball gloves, Little league baseball and softball gloves, College baseball and softball gloves and Senior baseball and softball gloves.

Specialty Nokona Baseball/Softball gloves include:

The Fastpitch Series

The Buffalo Combo Series

The Classic Series

The American Pro Series

The Team Nakona Youth Baseball Series

Every Nokona baseball/softball glove is handcrafted in Nocona, Texas by American craftsmen. Nokona ball gloves are preconditioned at the factory for a softer feel and a quicker break in periods.

Before you buy your next baseball or softball glove, check out the Nokona line of gloves. These are a high quality, well priced durable ball gloves. You will be glad you did, as these gloves have a quick break in period, are long lasting and do not cost as much as some of the other top of the line gloves.

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